August Pest Updates

September 24, 2015

Summer seasonal pests have emerged including squash bugs and stink bugs.  However, for the most part, population numbers are fairly low compared to other years.  For squash bugs, controlling nymphs early, often, and with the right product is the key to managing their populations.  Nymphs, just after hatch, are susceptible to insecticides but as they mature they grow out of their insecticide susceptibility.  Economic thresholds are at least one egg mass per plant.  When scouting, look for reddish/bronze colored eggs on the underside of cucurbit leaves.  Products such as soaps, hort oils, and neem, are only moderately effective at best and will require frequent reapplication.  Sevin is moderately effective but I often hear of cases where it does not work.  For better control, consider Mustang Max, Warrior (RUP), or Brigade (RUP) and be sure to cover the top and bottom of leaves.

I am hearing of a few cases of spider mites and aphids as well as a few late season Japanese beetles.  Most of these infestations are very sporadic across the state.  Soaps and oils are generally effective on spider mites but may require multiple sprays to get them under control.  Sevin is a good option for Japanese beetle.  As always, see the Midwest Veg Guide, Midwest Small Fruit Guide, and Midwest Tree Fruit Guide for more pest control options and rates.  Always read and follow the label before making any pesticide application. 

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